About Entlaq

So what does Entlaq stands for?

There is a story behind each letter in our name, which represents our objectives and goals.

E: Enhance the Egyptian Startups Ecosystem

N: Create a huge Network that connects entrepreneurs with investors, decision-makers… etc

T: Empowering Egyptian innovative untapped Talents to lead Egypt's future

L: Lead Egypt's transformation to become the MENA region's "Startups Hub"

A: Foster a new generation of Egyptian entrepreneurs by providing Access to early-stage capital, mentorship, legal support, and resources that will enable them to build and grow their companies

Q: Ensure that Egyptian startups deliver high Quality services or products through sustainable business models that drive economic growth



Throughout the 4 to 6 months Entlaq accelerator journey, we give what it takes to make the joining startups stronger and ready to conquer all the challenges they might face.

 Funding up to 50K USD

All joining startups have the chance to receive up to 25K USD fund post demo day, which boosts their product/service development capabilities, in addition to market growth and expansion.





One-on-one weekly mentoring sessions

Our Entlaq mentoring program – tailored based on the needs of the joining startups– works on providing the whole spectrum of the business support the startup might need, from revisiting the business model to planning for market expansion. Our mentoring program is facilitated through two channels, top-notch mentors from different sectors and backgrounds, and a highly qualified in-house business development team.


Monthly meetups and networking events with different industries’ key players

Through our monthly meetups, networking events, and discussion panels, the joining startups get the opportunity to meet different experts, role models, and success stories from the ecosystem, giving them the chance to network and share their experiences and insights.

Media Exposure and 360 Marketing

Media exposure and marketing are no longer a hassle for rising startups, as we provide a well-designed 360 marketing plan that makes our joining startups take giant leaps in their media presence.


Facilitating Government Relations

We are always keen on paving the road for our joining startups to let them only busy with the evolution of their startups. We offer this through lobbying and communicating with ministries and authorities on behalf of our joining startups.

Meet Your Investor

By the end of the Entlaq accelerator program, the joining startups become ready to get offered different investment opportunities by a group of high-profile investors.


We Look for Startups Ready for “Entlaq”!

Entlaq’s accelerator program is structured for startups already providing genuine solutions for the surrounding society and ready to scale up, that is why we are pursuing entrepreneurs and startups founders who have the whole skillset that enables them to go the extra mile towards advancement and expansion of the ecosystem not only in Egypt but in the MENA region as well.

Egyptian Founder
Have a verified products market fit
Egypt based HQ
Operating in Egypt
TECH Startups


Entlaq has a strong network that will allow you to:

· Solve legal issues that affects your business
· Build relationships with government officials and decision makers
· Get intelligence and insights on policy developments
· Stakeholders Mapping
· Sectorial insights and reports
· Building Strategic Communications and Brands Reputation

  • Government Relations

  • Go to market and soft landing enablement (Public relations and Marketing consultancy

  • Regional Market Growth advisory

  • Investment advisory



    Entlaq provides investment during in SEED to pre-series A financing rounds for high-growth companies with the following characteristics in one of the below sectors :

    • Fintech
    • Logistics
    • Mobility
    • Supply chain
    • Clean energy
    • Agritech
    • Manufacturing
    • Edtech
    • Healthtech

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