Which Industry sector does your startup target?

    How is your product tech-enabled?

    Social media Presence

    Mobile app links (If available)

    Have you participated in or won any previous competitions?

    If yes please specify

    Startup description summary (What is your target market ? / What problem are you solving or value are you adding to the target market ? / How will you solve the problem you just described ? / Is your team be capable of delivering your proposed solution ? What expertise are currently available within your team both technical and business development wise

    Supporting documents you would like to include Like pitch deck, or prototype document, white paper, or financial model

    How many team members are in your team?

    Business model category

    How much revenue have you generated within the last 6 months in USD?

    Selling process

    Monthly burn rate

    Company key competitors

    Competitive advantage of your company

    Company headquarter location

    How many customers did your serve over the previous year?

    How many full time and part time employees do you have?

    Have you formed any legal entity?

    What are your biggest challenges in your Implementation process?